Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fun MySpace questions for March 11, 2008

Today we are going to feature a few of the MySpace questions from WebAnswers

The first one we are going to feature today is about what your current song on MySpace is for your profile song. My song as I'm writing this blog post is a song by Infected Mushroom. Gotta love awesome Psy-trance. Feel free to share your current profile song on your MySpace Profile.


The other is about who have you unexpectadily found on MySpace that you weren't looking to find initally, or someone random that found you.


Monday, March 10, 2008

Fun questions for March 10, 2008

After a weekend of no posts for some fun questions on Web Answers, I wanted to post about a couple fun ones that I just found.

Here is a question asking about a good source of information for a natural remedies website that she can look up information about how to prevent BO in her 9 year old. The link to the awarded answer website, contains all sorts of great information about natural remedies.


And to continue the theme of natural cures.

Here is a post by someone looking for a way to naturally increase her energy and reduce the stress level in her body while everything in her life is a stressor.


For more health questions visit the Health category on WebAnswers


Friday, March 7, 2008

Question of the day for March 7, 2008

Today's question of the day is going to be two questions about big things you can buy.

The first is What is the best Dodge Pickup truck ever made? where users are sharing what they think is the best pickup Dodge or otherwise.

The other is about the JL421 Badonkadonk Land Cruiser/Tank that is for sale on amazon asking users what their thoughts are about the only tank for sale to the general public.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fun question of the day March 6, 2008

Today's fun question of the day is What is the meaning of life?

There have already have been quite the handful of responses on what the meaning of life is to them. This is a fun question because there is no right or wrong answer to this question, it is just how you view what the meaning of life is to you.

Top users for February 2008

Congratulations to the top users for the month of February 2008.

These were the top 5 contributors to http://www.webanswers.com last month

Sidelko with 83 awarded answers
Jodi-Mesa with 79
Liveabord with 46
Ruchele with 44
Airforcemom with 39

February was also the first month that Liveabord was a member of WebAnswers and he still was able to make it into the top 5 for the month. That just shows it is never to late to compete for the top spot for a month, regardless when you sign up.

Good luck to everyone on the race to be the top user for March 2008

10,000 questions

WebAnswers recently hit its 10,000th question asked on the site. That is an amazing milestone for such a new site and shows the growth the site is having already.

So from the first question that was asked What is the emtional state of the number three?

To the 10,000th question No help from the courts!

About WebAnswers

WebAnswers is a new Question and Answer platform that is free to use and ask questions. Where you and the community of experts of the WebAnswers community answer questions and earn awarded answers.

The unique aspect to the WebAnswers community is that you can earn on going revenues with Google AdSense on the questions that you are awarded the best answer too.

So head on over to http://www.webanswers.com/ today and ask your question.