Thursday, June 11, 2009

How much money can be made by answering questions on

A user was asking about how much money they could be making by answering questions on WebAnswers along with what the payout scale was.

Last month users made over $2,100 on by answering questions. The top earners were making between $10 and $20 dollars every single day where many more were able to buy lunch for free if they chose to spend their earnings like that.

Google AdSense pays out the earnings from WebAnswers every month as long as you have acrued $100 by then, otherwise it is held over for another month until you do reach $100.

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WebAnswers Guide said...

This was a helpful, if out of date post. I see the payouts are now over $8000 per month so some good growth is going on here.

R Z said...

I am waiting for more answers, i am new here, i really hope i will do the same money if am enough good :-)

Sinea said...

WebAnswers Guide, your report is amazing...would LOVE to have that my story someday!

Paul G said...

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